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Fat is made by cells trying to protect themselves from dying as a result of excess free radical production, caused by excess carbohydrate catabolism. Epidemiological studies show that cannabis consumers have a smaller girth than non-users. Similarly, cannabis users have lower levels of diabetes. I cannot understand why the scientific establishment prefers interpreting tissue culture and animal studies, but ignore the real world data from we the people. This failure is compounded by the science that I present since it makes sense with observations as opposed to contradicting them.

CB1 allows for extended carbohydrate metabolism by regulating calcium channels. Depending on experimental conditions, pushing CB1 activity can be pro inflammatory. In contrast, CB2 activity promotes safer cellular recycling, of free radical damaged cellular components (autophagy), that occurs when fats are burned for fuel (beta oxidation) The balance between these energy sources determines the level of health by modulating inflammation and its resulting illnesses.

- Dr. Robert Melamede Ph.D.